Baker Hughes Energy Ideas Generation Program

is the Open Innovation program for start-ups, SMEs and research projects focused on energy-related technologies.


The program

Baker Hughes, Baker Hughes Energy Ideas Generation Program, Energy, Accelerator Program, Startup, Innovative SME
Baker Hughes Energy Ideas Generation Program is the Open Innovation program dedicated to startups, SMEs and research projects that offer innovative solutions and technologies in the energy sector.

The program borns from the collaboration between Baker Hughes and Nana Bianca and offers to all selected projects the opportunity to undertake a 16-week Open Innovation process.

The 5 selected teams will receive a grant of 20,000 euros, as well as operational support, training, mentorship services and workshops dedicated to the development of a project work with Baker Hughes.
5 startups
5 startups

selected each year through the call for ideas and the direct scouting.

16 weeks
16 weeks
Duration of the Open Innovation course
2 events
2 events

for the presentation of selected technologies and projects.

€20k grant
€20k grant

For each startup admitted to the program.

4 workshops
2 workshops

Dedicated to Open Innovation activities that foster comparison and alignment with Baker Hughes.

24-hour coaching
30 hours

Thirty hours of coaching with a member of the Baker Hughes Innovation Team.

10 hours lessons
10 hours

of 1to1 lessons with professionals and high-level teachers.

dedicated desks
Dedicated desks

For your team for the entire duration of the program.

Area of interest

The initiative is dedicated to projects that operate in the Clean Energy and Industrial Technologies sectors and specifically:

Energy transition technologies: Solutions to remove emissions, increase efficiency and achieve carbon neutrality

Welcome to the future of energy transition! The world is in critical need of innovative solutions that can reduce emissions, increase efficiency in all its forms starting from energy, process, operations to supply chain, and ultimately pave the way towards a carbon-neutral future. As we strive toward a sustainable future, startups have a crucial role to play in driving innovation and revolutionizing the way we approach energy generation and consumption.

Are you a visionary entrepreneur who is passionate about creating cutting-edge solutions for emissions removal, increase efficiency and carbon neutrality? Then we invite you to be a part of this global movement by submitting your innovative startup idea. We are looking for startups that can provide unique and disruptive physical, digital or phygital solutions that could contribute to our journey toward clean, safer, and more efficient energy for the people and the planet.

Now is time to act, and we believe that your startup could be the key to unlock a sustainable future. Join us as we harness the power of technology to make a positive impact on the planet and lead in a new era of energy transition.

Key dates

The acceleration program will be marked by the following milestones:

The promoters

Baker Hughes, Baker Hughes Energy Ideas Generation Program, Energy, Accelerator Program, Startup, Innovative SME
Baker Hughes is an energy technology company that provides high-tech products, services and solutions for energy and industrial customers around the world. Built on a century of experience and with operations in more than 120 countries, our innovative technologies and services are driving energy forward, making it safer, cleaner and more efficient for people and the planet. Baker Hughes is reducing its impact on the environment, implementing low-carbon technologies and working to help customers meet their environmental goals, and innovating for the future of energy by offering solutions for the entire energy value chain, including new energy frontiers such as hydrogen, CCUS and energy storage.

In Italy, Baker Hughes operates mainly through Nuovo Pignone, with around 5,000 employees at seven production sites. The main facility is in Florence, which since 2017 has also been home to the global headquarters of the Turbomachinery & Process Solutions (TPS) business, one of Baker Hughes' four main businesses, joined by plants in Massa, Bari, Vibo Valentia, Talamona (Sondrio), Casavatore (Naples) and Cepagatti (Pescara). In Italy Baker Hughes also has a site for the assembly of large industrial modules in Avenza (Carrara), a combination of high technology and sophisticated environmental protection systems.

In Italy, Baker Hughes designs and manufactures turbines and compressors for the energy market thanks to the technological heritage of Nuovo Pignone, which represents for the group the worldwide centre of excellence for research, development and production of gas turbines and compressors, pumps, valves and related services. In addition to the plant, which is at the forefront of digital technologies applied to production processes, Florence is also home to the TPS R&D centre, with over 1,000 engineers highly specialised in the development of new technologies to support the energy transition, and the iCenter, for remote monitoring and diagnostics of machines installed at Baker Hughes customer sites around the world. For more
Nana Bianca, Startup, Innovative SMEs, Acceleration program, We try to build the future, Accelerator, Startup incubator
Nana Bianca is a high-profile technology startup studio. We offer our experience to transform revolutionary ideas into successful tech companies.

We create the companies of tomorrow, we intercept and anticipate market trends by identifying high-growth sectors and high technological interest, focusing in particular on the Ad-Tech world, we select and train teams, guiding them through execution.

We work under the banner of innovation, dedicating ourselves to the transformation of the national digital fabric by means of an advanced co-working ecosystem, where people and companies with common ideals and goals can collaborate and give life to their own projects, through an organic process of contamination of ideas.

Selected Startups


is a high-tech start-up, a spin-off of the University of Bologna, that produces devices to make logistics more sustainable on Earth and in space by reinventing the robotic gripping action of objects of all shapes, sizes and materials. The start-up develops a proprietary thin-film technology that becomes adhesive on command by electrostaticity, with high force density, minimal weight and energy consumption.


established in Bergamo in 2019, develops and applies innovative sustainable solutions for circular economy, carbon capture, and gas purification for both clean production and renewable energy applications. Its smart and unique technologies apply to a wide range of applications and can be easily integrated into different process schemes.


is an innovative startup founded in Bologna in 2017 working on graphene applications. The company holds a patent on the technology of producing graphene in industrial quantities based on an innovative and eco-friendly method. The graphene produced is capable of being deposited on a large number of surfaces, marrying all possible applications from electronics to medicine.

A program by

Baker Hughes, Baker Hughes Energy Ideas Generation Program, Energy, Accelerator Program, Startup, Innovative SME
Nana Bianca, Startup, Innovative SMEs, Acceleration program, We try to build the future, Accelerator, Startup incubator

Technical Partner



Baker Hughes is the leading energy technology company that designs and manufactures transformative technologies that take energy forward. The aim of the Energy Ideas Generation Program is to support the European early stage startups in the energy verticals in order to build together the technologies of tomorrow.

The Energy Ideas Generation Program is open to early stage startups. We focus on startups under 3 years old, generally pre-seeded stage with a prototype or at the initial pilot stage operating in the energy sectors and looking to refine their value proposition in order to prepare for their first fundraising.

Applications are open from April to June. All startups that have completed their application before June 30 are reviewed by a committee composed of Baker Hughes and Nana Bianca experts, top managers and external partners. Startups may be invited to a videocall interviews. If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to pitch your project in front of a jury consisting of Baker Hughes top managers and external investors.

We select up to 5 startups per year.

The eligibility requirements are the following:
- Quality of the team: skills relevance, complementarity, expertise and market knowledge
- Value proposition: existing prototype or MVP, unfair advantages, initial traction (actual customers or potential customers)
- Market dynamic: Market size, market dynamics and maturity
- Fit with the program: relevance with specific Baker Hughes business lines, maturity of the company (pre-seed / seed stage looking to prepare a first fundraising), capacity and willingness to question current value proposition and strategy.

The Program provides support to startups with various initiatives and services:

(a) 30k euros grant as financial contribution and reimbursement of travel expenses.

(b) Support for the definition of possible Use Cases that meet the BH's needs of the Proof of Concept development program.

c) Support of the Nana Bianca acceleration team on various aspects (project and product management, legal & accounting, sales & fundraising, PR & communication, talent management and acquisition);

d) 1:1 mentoring and checkpoint events on the definition and calculation of KPI metrics based on the development phase of the startup;

(e) One-to-one meetings with UX/UI, Tech and Marketing professionals;

f) Weekly one-on-one Mentoring Session by qualified consultants and industry experts of Baker Hughes on the main aspects of startup development;

g) Support of the Nana Bianca investment team that will help and follow the startups up to the first round (series A);

h) Support for the definition of possible Use Cases that meet the BH's needs of the Proof of Concept development program,

(i) Workshops and events with Nana Bianca and Baker Hughes.

(l) Dedicated desk for the selected teams in Baker Hughes HQ in Florence.

m) Perks up to 1 million euros (Cloud, payment systems, CRM, etc.).

During the Acceleration Program, startups will develop a constant growth path supported by experts who, through a learning by doing approach, will allow them to work on the following areas:

(a) Definition of possible developments of the PoC with the Baker Hughes;

(b) Definition, monitoring and calculation of KPI Metrics.

(c) Product optimization and support on the definition of the go to market strategy

(d) Fundraising.

In return for this investment in cash and services, BH and NB subscribes

Simple Agreement for Future Equity, or SAFE (drawn up by Y-Combinator). The SAFE is a financial mechanism that allows investments to be made in a startup without having to define a valuation (subject to a floor and a cap valuation). In clearer terms, until the startup has not raised funds, BH and NB are not a shareholder and the SAFE is considered quasi equity. BH and NB won't ask for any special control or unusual investor rights in your company. The aim of the program is to be considered as a partner helping your company succeed. Specific details of the terms and conditions of the SAFE agreement will be communicated as you progress through the selection process. For more information on SAFE (US documentation).

The program takes place from Septmber to December and can be followed remotely, although regular in-person events are planned throughout the program to facilitate peer-learning and networking (kick-offs, workshops, Demo Days). Accommodation at Baker Hughes' HQ in Florence is optional but strongly recommended to take full advantage of the numerous learning and networking opportunities available.

The selection process lasts up to 8 weeks and is divided into 2 phases:

1. First phase: some startups will be contacted for an in-depth analysis with the acceleration team. During this call, the metrics of the startup will be discussed and the general terms of the agreement will be presented;

2. Second phase: the selected teams will receive our Term Sheet and, once accepted, a short list of startups more in line with the requirements will be created which will access the Selection Day. Following the Selection Day, the Investment Committee will take the final decision on the startups that will access the Acceleration Program;

- You will receive a response on the selection results at the end of the selection process.