Baker Hughes Energy Ideas Generation Program

Batch 1 Winners


Selected Startups


Is a high-tech startup, spin-off of the University of Bologna, which produces devices to make logistics more sustainable on Earth and in Space by reinventing the robotic gripping action of objects of any shape, size and material. The startup develops a proprietary thin-film technology that becomes adhesive on command by electrostatics, with a high force density, minimal weight and energy consumption.


Born in Bergamo in 2019, develops and applies innovative sustainable solutions for the circular economy, deals in particular with the valorisation of industrial waste which today has landfill disposal as its only destination. In particular, the company has developed various patented technologies for the treatment of residues from industrial processes (steel plant slag, fly ashes from waste-to-energy plants, fine powders from cement factories, etc.) with a carbon capture effect.


Founded in Bologna in 2017, works on the production and applications of graphene. The company holds a patent on graphene production technology in industrial quantities based on an innovative and eco-compatible method. The graphene produced is capable of being deposited on a large number of surfaces, embracing all possible applications, from electronics to medicine, and industrial applications such as high-performance lubricants.

Workshop at StartUps Laboratories:

During the workshop the teams reviewed the products, services, and technological innovations of the selected startups, highlighting their unique features, competitive advantages, and potential applications in the market.

Workshops at BH’s Florence Campus:

Workshops at Baker Hughes Florence Campus, where the startups have been introduced to the BH's various departments and operations. The activities included visits to production areas, research and development facilities, innovation laboratories and technical training academy. The startups had the opportunity to meet with key employees, ask questions, and gain insight into the BH's culture and operations.

Workshop at BH’s Laboratories:

Connection to BH’s laboratories, where startups get to see various research, development and innovation projects being carried out by BH’s teams. Startups are shown the equipment and facilities used by the scientist and engineers, and given an overview of the research methodologies and techniques used. At the end of the tour, collaborative sessions were facilitated by BH’s innovation experts for the identification and analysis of use cases of mutual interest.

Workshop at BH’s production plants:

The visit provided the startups with valuable industry knowledge and insights that can help the grow and succeed in their own operations.

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